Some Helpful Methods For You To Protect Your Fifa Ultimate Team Account

With several promotions occurring in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team at the moment of year, it’s particularly significant to keep login information from falling for many of the scams cheaters to steal information and compromise accounts.By the way ,if you need any kind of fifa coins , for example , cheap fifa 14 coins , and fifa coins xbox , you can always come to our web store to get them .And , you can get them at the deepest price and you can also enjoy the satisfying customer service .EA will NEVER ask you for your login information.There are no exceptions to this rule. When an online scammer attempts to trick you into giving up valuable information, like your login information and password, by landing on a fake website and entering in your account details, it means you’re being phished. Also if you are desire to buy cheap fifa coins , and also cheap fifa 14 ultimate team coins xbox 360   , you can always come to the best online store at our website to get them in a minute and enjoy your game at most !It’s always wise to follow these rules, reducing the chance of account being compromised or phished.

1: Never share personal login information publiclycheap fifa 114 coins

2: Never click any links asking for login information or claiming your account has been compromised

3: Always double check the sign-in web address starts withEA website .

4: Always make sure the web address does not redirect to a non-EA site

In such case, you’d better create an Origin security question to give your FUT account an essential extra layer of protection. Keep your Origin account up to date and use a unique password for all your services you use to maximize your account security.

Fake Emails and Copycat Websites

You receive an email appears to be from EA concerning a fifa ultimate team promotion. You click on the link in the email, go to what appears to be thefifa ultimate team login page, and enter your login name and password. A couple of days later you discover all the gold players you’ve worked so hard for have disappeared. It means you’re phished.

Since the majority of phishing websites look identical to the real thing and it’s hard to realize you’ve been phished until it’s too late.At last , welcome and thanks to you to our website . I think you will can enjoy this article ,and you are very welcome to our best online store to get the cheap fifa coins xboxand fifa coins ps3 for the football game to enjoy yourself at most . Great luck to you !