As we all know that The Journey is new addition to FIFA 17, in which you play as a rising star Alex Hunter, your performances on the pitch and decisions away from the action all have a direct influence on the evolution of your career, as well as your relations with your coach, teammates and […]

Attacking and defending skills are vitally important in playing FIFA 17, as FIFA 17 is an intricate game, with several mechanics working together, so you need to practice, refine your skills. So here are attacking and defending tips to help you improve your skills for FIFA 17. Attacking Tips 1. Learn individual tactics Tactics are […]

People reflected on youtube and twitter that, they were trying to play on another account with EA access after their 10 hour trial has expired. So in this page, the suggestion from reddit user is provided to help you. Here are tips: 1. Make sure your second account has EAaccess purchased. You need to have […]

FIFA 17 Companion App is now released for IOS and Android. FUT 17 Companion app features Squad Building Challenges, Squad Management, Club, Store, Your Squads and the Transfer Market. With this App, you can keep connected with the world of FIFA 17. Featuring full management of your FUT 17 Club while you’re away from your […]

Football has changed so much over the past few decades that failure to keep up with new innovations and advancement in philosophy sees managers fall behind. As most experts would say, a world class manager usually enjoys a decade at his peak before he is found out and goes into relative decline. Consider this; nowadays […]

The FUT 17 Companion App is now available for Android and iOS, giving you access to your FUT club on the go. From the app you’ll be able to access Squad Building Challenges, Squad Management, Club Management, the slick new store, and the transfer market, unless you’re new, in which case you need to play […]

The first FIFA 17 Team of the Week squad for FUT 17 has been revealed! FIFA 17 TOTW 1 informs will be available in FIFA packs from 6pm, September 21st until 5.45pm UK time, September 28th. The first TOTW squad of FUT 17 features Kevin De Bruyne, Edinson Cavani & Filipe Luís! This huge FIFA TOTW starts off […]

Who doesn’t love clarification? And maths. After the whole Chemgate thing, EA promised more clarity on how chemistry would work in FIFA 17 and earlier this evening they posted some of the calculations that go on behind the scenes to clear up how chemistry can effect a players stats. Rather than rewrite and risk making […]