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Hello everyone, I am glad to meet you in FIFA13! GK is mainly on the basis of the operation and basic tutorial, so it is directly involved in the current theme deeper than the basic focus. Click the link to the underlying operating and tutorials (FIFA12 and FIFA13 is operating essentially unchanged) as the team’s last bulwark, GK role I Needless to say. You have to see if you can attack the opponent shot this series of steps, if there is a full understanding and solutions. GK is base stations, stations are a major focus of GK, personally think that as long as the station is accurate, then at least in the fighting success rate is above 60%, so this is what our fans will be practiced GK hard work. GK mode of Cheap Fifa Coins defaults to Pro perspective, so the following are subject to Pro perspective. In the actual game, GK know their several advantages in perspective. Similarly, in the vicinity of the opponent’s penalty area the ball trajectory GK also allow them to realize their own stations ahead of the correct order to make timely adjustments.

Ball trajectory with the trajectory of football is regardless of any one player is shot or pass, as GK can more clearly than the other players to predict the court to change the ball will go through . State changes prompted rival players, fighting operation may seem simple, but how to grasp the opportunity of gain fifa 14 ultimate team coins, time was watching it. Under normal circumstances, the opponent in Charge shot is the most dangerous time is that you have to be ready to fight of the time. How to grasp this opportunity, you have to carefully observe the state of the other shooters.