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Oh, our website is on discount these days. Lots of coins are so cheap, and we will delivery quickly, when you buy it. We sell all kinds of Fifa Ultimate Team Coins. Now I will tell something about winning games to get Cheap Fifa Coins. Before being fully developed “FIFA12″ .The EA Sports revealed this series, which is the most advanced. Although “FIFA11″ was a huge critical acclaim, but EA Canada producer David Ratter said the studio does not rely on winning predecessor in dealing with new series. British producer to Play station, which revealed the official journal of the latest one, EA for this new work is a detailed list of improvements .Some of which have been in the development of specific aspects of the studio . I think we are in “FIFA11” in creative personality plus system did a great job, but the squad AI does not exactly match the system.

David Ratter also said locating the ball will make a significant improvement, and the cancellation is one of the loading screens. Positioning the ball is still very bad, he said frankly. I cannot throw fast and take a free kick quickly, which select the players feel helpless. David Ratter said the studio will spend more sincere emotion in this new work. New collision system is undoubtedly a large bright, it is not only hit, but also according to the location to determine whether the injury hit. It is obviously not knocking to the head; players are holding the legs called. Details of injuries also increased against.

Of course, there will be drawbacks, some strange bug appeared, but as in terms of new is reform of the system, no doubt is made ​​after laying a solid foundation. The new video is playback capabilities, but also Fifa Ultimate Team Coins allows players to look back at the audience one by one after Ayala great shots. There is a system of primary inbounds the ball as long as not too far biased; players will run past picking, a screen will not cut it. This feature of fifa coins should be in its infancy, because of the emergence rate is still not high, and it hopes that there will be such a corner kick situation. When players go into his old club to boo the guy, or his old teammates, the ball is directly to the initiative and so on. These moments you will exclaim. I f you want to know more information about it, you can come here to have a visit.

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