Come And Have A Look At The Recent News Of Fifa 14 Has Been Update

A major news , EA has released a new update of the Fifa 14 game version.To be able to solve a problem, users gain an unjust victory or loss avoided disconnected from Fifa 14 after the final team competition , the same Fifa 14 update release PS4 version of the game on February 21 .

EA said this week : “We are dedicated to improving Fifa 14 , and regular comments from our fans to help us prioritize and identify future advancements Thank you for the feedback Twitter, Facebook, and EA forums and we will continue to provide you with information through these types of channels , it is available . “The next game in EA ‘s long-term football series, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil , will launch Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 15 .

Explain the decision not to publish the title Xbox One and PS4, EA Sports spokesman told the general manager to report in February this year , the company’s goal is “to create a great game in our progress resources to reach as many people as possible .” They added: ” Our fans next-generation consoles , play Fifa 14 , we will contain a number of content , Fifa 14 final competitions and advertising activities within the team , those fans can experience a unique and fun way to World Cup . “You can read additional information by visiting