FUT 18 Path to Glory FAQ


How are Path to Glory items different to other informs?

Path to Glory Contender items are similar to Ones to Watch items, these special cards are dynamic and can receive upgrades throughout the season. PTG Contender items will automatically match that of the player’s latest FIFA 18 TOTW, MOTM, ETOTT, Hero, or Record Breaker inform card. The better a PTG player performs in real life, the higher their ratings can go!

What is a Live Item?

Live Item ratings are updated automatically in FIFA 18, whether they are in your FUT Club or on the FUT Transfer Market.

When are PTG Contender items updated?

FIFA 18 PTG cards will be updated automatically as soon as a new Team of the Week, Man of the Match, European Team of the Tournament, Hero, or Record Breaker promotion is released into FUT packs.

What happens if a PTG player is transferred/loaned to another club?

If a Path to Glory Player is transferred/loaned to another club, the player’s attributes and latest IF rating will not change. However, the player’s PTG item will remain at the player’s previous club until he receives a new applicable IF card. In this case the player’s club, crest, and dynamic image will be updated.

What happens if a PTG player changes nationality?

Any nationality changes will be updated on the player’s PTG card as soon as possible.

What happens if a PTG player is transferred/loaned to a club not in FUT 18?

In this case the PTG player will not receive any further updates and remain at their previous club.

What is the criteria for picking FIFA 18 Path to Glory players?

The FIFA 18 Path to Glory squad features players that are contending for spots in their respective national teams.

Can FIFA 18 PTG cards receive position changes?

No. FIFA 18 PTG cards will remain in their original position, but all attribute upgrades from applicable informs will be applied.