New Model of Cheap Fifa Ultimate Team Coins

“FIFA 13″ is coming before “FIFA 12″, there are a lot of improvements of fifa coins have compared. It improves the player collision system and stops the ball and kick tactics, which have also been improved. The system of Fifa Ultimate Team Coins has a complete dribble dribbling and more aggressive AI. In addition, “FIFA 13″ will have more than 500 clubs and more than 15,000 players’ authorization, thus it is ensuring the authenticity of the game. Now let’s take a look at the game basic game menu bar.

UT mode stands for Ultimate Team, players around the world through a unified platform for EA UT; it is trading card players, setting up their own dream team, killing one another, and showing off to each other. Did not pursue the point, you can go to abuse computer. UT initial entry mode of the game of Cheap Fifa Coins will send you an initial contracted players are the cheapest brass, players will hit the road starting lineup composed. Players can also trading platform obtained in the auction, which is the best way to get good players, and it is important to distinguish the local level of the players. It was frugally or wealthy, thanks to the skill here. It is relevant players traded some personal experience of the following will Solo said. In short, players according to the comprehensive ability from low to high, third gear Bronze, Silver and Gold, from the color of the card is very easy to distinguish each file, which is also divided into two levels are not rare and rare, there are also differences between the color of the card, such as rare gold player cards to be a little brighter, so there are commonly known as ” bright gold” or “flash gold”.

With players can build lineup Squad. Your team can have a lot of players, such as I have more time UT12, collecting is a pleasure. A team can have up to 15, which sets of the lineup; you can easily change the play. It is directly to select a different formation, which based on your personal preferences, put the right players. There is a connection of Fifa Ultimate Team Coins between players of different colors, red for poor, orange represents the normal, and the green represents good. In a word, different nationalities is among the league’s players to connect, red, chemical reaction have punished.