Some Information About The Personal Gamer A Few Of Samples Of The Fifa 14

The 2nd Italian Championship Games Personal Gamer Game Stop crowned two new champions the foremost is Mattia Guarracino , the strongest in Italy , joypad in hand, with FIFA 14 , the football excellence in pixels , and the second is the best Carmelo Arena Pokmon with absolute X and Y, electronic translation of the sixth generation of the Pokemon in three-dimensional graphics .Football players can enjoy the football playing at to get the fifa coins ,cheap fifa 14 coins , fifa 14 ultimate team coins and you can also get the fifa coins xbox for your football playing to enjoy yourself .

Athletes in every sense, who train for hours every day, are measured with samples stronger to improve their skills , perfect their technique focusing on the theoretical part and, this year , they hope to become real professionals . We are talking of the samples that last weekend have crossed your mouse at the ‘ Personal Gamer Arena ‘ near Milan, contained in the 2nd Italian Championship Personal Video Gamer GameStop .

Champions of Italy

About football, the championship of the 2nd Italian Championship Virtual Personal Video – Gamer GameStop goes to Rome , as Mattia Guarracino , aka ‘ Lonewolf92 ‘ , who came specially from the capital, was awarded the title of national champion of FIFA 14 after a match played at the highest levels , while the good in Italy Pokmon X and Y is the young ‘ Carmelo 7 ‘ or Carmelo Arena from Messina. To play this turned final for the first time, a female presence , the young Rossana Barbati said ‘ Bulbaross ‘ came to the podium , in fourth place , beaten in the semifinals by her boyfriend . Additionally , there is a simple way for you to get the fifa coins , fifa 14 coins , fifa ultimate team coins , fifa 14 ultimate team coins for your football playing to have a fantastic time along with your friend at your own place .

Towards professionalism

The figures aren’t those of the football player, yet still , with a prize pool of greater than 15 thousand Euros distributed among all the finalists , even video games are beginning to make something of this passion economically attractive. But the big opportunity for cyber athletes comes from potential sponsors , which as it happens abroad, even in our country, are starting to look forward to the visibility of indirect sponsorship of these samples could lead them.Then you can lead your friend to come here to get the fifa coins , fifa 14 ultimate team coins for your game playing and also can have so much enjoyment.