After last week’s excellent prediction, where I got 3/4 correct and said that the Moscow derby may end in a draw, we move on to the second week of “Matchups”. With this being an international break, the four matches come from the European World Cup playoff fixtures which take place this weekend, rather than some […]

FIFA and Electronic Arts are taking their partnership to the logical conclusion point: the pair will put on the first-ever eWorld Cup next August. Competition starts next month on November 3rd. From the press release: “Competitors can qualify based on their FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Champions Weekend League online performance and at blockbuster live qualifying events from November […]

FIFA Mobile Season 2 kicked off yesterday, with a whole load of fun new features. One of these , which I have been looking forward to, is “Matchups”, which replaces Coin Ups from last year. In Coin Ups, you could profit from real world results based on the tokens you got. In the new feature, […]

Chu Boi is back with his running series “Trust The Boi” to offer the FIFA community advice about the best players in FUT 18. In the first post-launch episode of EA’s latest FIFA installment, Chu centers his discussion on the most popular league in FIFA Ultimate Team, the Premier League. In his evaluation, he offers his […]

Those who logged into FIFA Mobile late Tuesday/early Wednesday were greeted with an update from the usual 5 p.m. Pacific Time deploy they might not have been expecting. Beginning Tuesday, October 24 at 22:00 UTC (that’s 11:00 p.m. Tuesday evening in the UK or 6 p.m. in the Eastern Time Zone in the US), FIFA […]

GOALKEEPER Adan - GK – OVR 81 Despite it coming in a set of mid-week fixtures, one of the surprising fixtures in contention comes with Real Betis managing a 1-0 win over Real Madrid. Usually in these shock results, there is a stand out player, and this one’s no exception with Adan putting in an outstanding performance […]

One of the more debated aspects of the inaugural go of EA SPORTS’ “FIFA Mobile” can be put to rest. A reset is happening. EA announced Friday (alongside two blockbuster plans to close their first season out) that a “Season 2″ will be arriving in November, 2017. Though specifics are still to come for the next iteration […]

The new season has started, deadline day has come and gone, and the international break is upon us. There is a strange lull around this time of year as the domestic campaign pauses just as it was finding its rhythm. But fear not, football fans, FIFA 18 is just around the corner. Again powered by the […]

FIFA 18 is set to be released in less than a month — Friday, Sept. 29. But, if you’re that eager to get started, there are multiple ways to play the game even sooner. For most, the closed beta version was the first opportunity to play the game. However, participants had to agree to a non-disclosure agreement […]