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There are plenty of coins in our shop, if you want to have a look, you can come here. Now let us talk about kicking ball. There are so personal matter midfielder in the CDM, many stable rear is blocking vicious direct. This feature of Fifa Ultimate Team Coins restricted corner, everyone is most commonly seen in the score behind before the whistle. If you win a corner, the goalkeeper will be involved in the attack, but most of the cases computer to play this role, and then, it is directly backed to the goal Bigfoot hanging. Good goal to do with boxing guard living with this feature goalkeeper , fifa 14 coins is often in each other’s hair flying big fist hammer out a corner , there is still a useful feature for a good golf judgment attack early. When the opponent is shot, according to the trajectory of the ball, GK shot to be calmed on the ball to make quick adjustments and fighting.

He can kick the ball, you can lob, you can rub shot, Tub and volley, and even ignore you fancy action. As GK, just to defuse dangerous. You can seal the angle which waiting for his teammates to support , but also support the arrival of the opponent , and when the other party become more offensive approach , so single-handedly is not only trampled decisive attack . In FIFA12 and FIFA13 years, Fifa Ultimate Team Coins has accepted instantaneous flutter BUG, so no tension in the face of GK pole is just calmly, when plugging and fighting nick danger will gradually lifted.

So before the fighting, it must a blocking angle, so you can slowly plugging angle when in close shooter until the final brilliant saves. GK single ball is the most direct test, because the other shooters have different methods to break your goal. GK position has the broadest perspective, you want a reasonable use of it, and fifa 14 coins are not only can help the team defensively, you can also make their own conscious defense to guard against security risks. Silver players instead of trading prices will be high. Before cruising to choose a good direction, do not hit the side of a defensive player, and other defensive players ran around to the other side once again. The best control is in 0.5 meters.